Fear is the great catalyst for destruction. It eats away the trust people have in one other, it blurs out reason, and it sharpens the teeth of those who delight themselves in chaos. Throughout centuries, fear has taken many conventional forms: violence, war, destruction. As humans have started seeing the error of their ways, fear adapted, and took more nuanced and discrete shapes: mistrust, uncertainty, lies, betrayal. We live in a dark time when fear seems to have engulfed the sky.

However, it is the darkest times that spark the brightest lights. No matter how much fear has spread and evolved, humanity has found a way to dispel fear. It was humanity’s destiny to build as many lighthouses it could to dispel the icy embrace of fear. Those lighthouses, over time, turned into pillars, and their light couldn’t be brighter: voting rights for those who have none, freedom of the press, protection of those who cannot defend themselves. A free press represented one of the brightest pillars.

Yet fear did not let itself defeated. It has corrupted the press: we stopped telling the truth and started writing and covering issues that fueled our anger. We abandoned reason for the ecstasy of anger. We abandoned the truth for the short-lived excitement of sensationalistic lies.

Here, at the Federalist Gazette, we’re aware that the winds of doubt have been getting stronger and stronger. However, we’re also aware that what teachings were essential in the past to ensure the light stays bright are still with us now.

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