The Federalist Gazette is a blog that seeks to offer an interpretation of current events considering the values of federalism.
We, the authors, are a team of individuals with several years of experience in our respective fields. Although we are, in our nature politically neutral, we share a set of ideals and beliefs, that shape our writing. 

We believe in

  • A United Europe. A federal, united, well-oiled, well-functioning European Union. From Lisbon to Bucharest, from Stockholm to Athens, we believe there has to be one united Europe
  • Human Rights for all. Basic human decency is a necessity, and the Gazette will spread light into the darkest corners of war and chaos, to ensure people know that humanity’s darker side is always in need of countering
  • A Peaceful Planet. Nothing fuels fear more than war. Be it deterrence or disarmament, diplomacy is always a better solution than war. There is nothing more sacred than reason, and the Gazette will shed light over any foreign policy drifts away from logic and into the dark corners of selfish political ploys
  • Bringing out what’s Beautiful in Humanity. To fuel hope, the Gazette will focus on stories and insights from all kinds of people, that will serve to make us understand one another better. Only by building trust can we truly come together

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